No materials and no minerals.  I stumbled across an energy website this morning and an essay on the shortages soon ahead.  This is part four of a series.  I didn’t see the first three but the latest installment centered my attention.  The writer explains that a shortage of minerals is on the way and we could see the costs inflate for some by as much as 70 fold.  What would then be the cost of a new Tesla?

Have the tree huggers thought through all of this?  How big will the subsidies eventually be?

CAUTION:  Wealth transfer is on the way.  From your pocket to the elites.  Some call it welfare for the rich.  The writer mentions the need for sand in some of the production processes.  I watched a video this past weekend and the host warned the world is running out of sand.  You don't have sand and suddenly a huge element is removed from the production of multiple green energy promises. You can’t make concrete bases for wind turbines.  Solar panels also hit a roadblock.

Are the people forcing us into civilizational change stupid, evil, or a combination of both?  Are the people who buy what they’re selling delusional?

When it comes to the stupid or evil question, I haven’t reached a conclusion after reading a story from National Public Radio available at this link.  Deep state bureaucrats gave away new technology to the Chinese.  One the environmentalists believe would be a game-changing breakthrough.

If you were under a rock this week, the Chinese were the same people who this week threatened to shoot down Nancy Pelosi’s plane.  She’s second in line to President Biden.  And we’re giving them technology that they hadn’t yet stolen.

Please define treason.

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