I came across a story that almost appears sympathetic from a California liberal.  He’s a professor and an environmentalist, but he warns against going out of state to develop   He sat down for an interview with the San Jose Mercury News.  You might be able to read it by clicking here.  I read it before I got notified of a paywall.

I’ll give you a synopsis.  The professor says green energy projects are being constructed in neighboring states, and are unnecessarily killing endangered plants and many animals.  He’s primarily talking about solar power.  He offered that California has plenty of vacant lots and other places where solar panels can be installed.  He’s against fouling the landscape elsewhere.  In other words, neighboring states are vassals or colonies of the Golden State.  Does that bode well for our future when it comes to large-scale projects?

Meanwhile, President Trump signaled more of his opposition to these mammoth projects.  He was speaking at a rally in New Jersey and referenced an offshore proposal.  He said it’s off the table next January 20th if he’s elected President.  I believe that philosophy gives hope in our part of Idaho.

He’s got your back.  The other guy falls flat on his face.

The federal government has no business in Idaho.  It’s controlled by bureaucrats and coastal elites.  The founders would be in a rage to see what’s happened to state sovereignty.  The restoration of the original ideal is on the line in November.  It won’t happen without another political restoration.

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