I’m well aware U.S. Senator Jim Risch takes a lot of grief.  Not only from liberals but often his fellow Republicans.  I remind the critics on the GOP side, he’s often listed as among the top 5 conservatives in the Senate by the American Conservative Union.  We live in a political age when someone isn’t on board 100 percent of the time on 100 percent of the issues that many Americans will simply abandon politicians.  Or worse, demonize them.

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Chief Justice John Roberts looked like he was being held, hostage.

Jim Risch is a vocal and strong backer of President Trump.  The Senator just did something wonderful.  He fell asleep at the President’s impeachment trial in the Senate.

I watched but a few mind-numbing minutes of the event on Tuesday.  I sympathize with all the Senators.  This is like water torture.  Chief Justice John Roberts looked like he was being held, hostage.  Risch simply did what sensible people would do in any such moment.  He took a nap.

It symbolizes what a great many Americans currently feel.  We want this over.  We want to get back to the business of our country.  I want to see some of my favorite shows.  I can’t, because some blowhard like Adam Schiff is all over my TV.  I warn you, suicide rates will soar.  Unless we’re asleep!

Everyone in their right mind knows the outcome.  Acquittal.  When that happens we’ll start adding up the toll.  The growing lack of trust in government, the widening political divide and the cost to the economy.  Because, yes, many people have been delaying business decisions.  Not that Democrats care about any of these things!

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