Did you know if you disagree with elected politicians you’re hurting Idaho and killing people?  Gee, why bother to even have elections.  Simply declare Brad Little the state’s Maximum Leader and allow him to rule by fiat.  The latest outburst from his camp came in the form of an email I received Thursday.  Shortly after a post I wrote about him putting the donor class before the overall constituency.  Because nobody in politics would ever do that, right?  Especially a Republican because the party is pure as a newborn child!

This was the poison pen message.  The italics are mine:

I am a lifelong Republican and so is my family. But we are sick and tired of this kind of one-sided reporting which is really, really hurting our state. Looking for the bad in everything, pitting people against each other instead if taking on the tsunami engulfing us.

PLEASE! Stop this devisive, hateful reporting. 

3 people I know have died, 2 with no underlying conditions. Right now a friend in her 50's is fighting for her life, her husband died last week. All of them were not vaccinated! Period. 

The Delta variant is more contagious and lethal. In many Idaho hospitals there are no ICU beds left. Again I ask you to please stop this combative, devisive reporting. After this pandemic is over you can go back to politicizing every thing until then could you just try to save lives! 

I wrote a response before leaving the office.  Diplomacy isn’t my strong suit but I did my best to make my point in polite English.  Once more, Italics are to make this story easier to follow:

It's not reporting.  It's opinion.  It's what I do for a living.  Brad Little and his fellow elitists put the people second after they take care of the donor class.  He can reform his approach, or we can select a replacement.  

I have also lost friends to COVID.  And to cancer and car accidents and heart disease.  We don't shut down the highways and force people to eat broccoli, although.  By the looks of things, if a big donor wanted us to eat our vegetables, Brad would allow the mandate.  

Here’s a test for the woman who dropped me the message.  If I was critical of Janice McGeachin, would you be upset?  After all, Janice is a registered Republican.

We’ve got some on-air regulars who are blunt in their views about Roman Catholics and Latter Day Saints.  It upsets some members of those churches.  On the other hand, when the same guests mock United Methodists, the Catholics and Mormons apparently believe that’s fine.  It’s the same thing when it comes to politics.

I’ll close with by saying snowflakes aren’t exclusive to the political left.

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