A high speed chase that reached speeds of over 100 miles per hour ended Sunday afternoon on Interstate 84.  Police said the chase started in Jerome County after a call of a domestic dispute.  . When Jerome County officers arrived on scene, the suspect allegedly pulled a gun on the officers. He then got into his vehicle and drove away, triggering the chase. The unidentified man headed westbound, crossing into Elmore County. On three different occasions, police said he crossed into the eastbound lanes. At one point, he stayed in the eastbound lanes for about three miles.
Authorities tried multiple times to stop the vehicle and were finally able to stop the suspect with a pit maneuver.  The suspect was taken into custody and then taken to the Elmore County Medical Center to be treated for non- life threatening injuries. It is unknown what charges he faces at this time.   The crash also started a 20-acre fire in that area after the suspect's car sparked and caught fire.  The fire has been contained.