While an argument continues over the use of a park on the north side of the canyon it certainly isn’t a garbage dump.  Or it shouldn’t be.  There is discussion which could lead to limits on where people can target shoot in the park.  Some claim limits infringe on Second Amendment rights, however.  When was the last time you saw people target shooting at City Park in Twin Falls? 

If the idiot who dumped the hot tub couldn’t come up with 5 dollars, I would’ve covered the expense.

Try it and you’ll go to jail!

The other issue for Jerome County is garbage.  While some people leave litter behind, others leave much bigger items.  County Commissioner Charlie Howell had mentioned the hot tub.  I took a picture of it over the weekend.  It’s not the responsibility of taxpayers to clean up the slop left by pigs.

Some jerk loaded the thing, burned fuel going to the park and then dumped the object.  It’s more than a character issue.  It’s criminal.

Last spring, I had some old furniture I no longer needed.  It cost me five bucks in tipping fees to dispose of a chair and mattress legally.  If the idiot who dumped the hot tub couldn’t come up with $5, I would’ve covered the expense.

He’s probably the same lout whining about his gun rights!

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