A reality program that aired on a popular travel network in 2018 and 2019, and featured a cast of Idaho wilderness residents living near remote sections of the Salmon River, never made it past the first season, but for fans of the show who did watch it, you can take jet boat rides all year long just like the ones featured in the program.

For anyone who watched the debut season of "River of No Return" on the Discovery Channel last year, you probably have a little better idea of what life is really like for those that live within the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness. The area is made up of more than 4 million acres of rugged terrain, and its southern portion can be found just four hours north of Twin Falls.

I did watch the show's only season, and still don't get why the network didn't give the green light for another season. Maybe it had something to do with the pandemic. The program followed the lives of a handful of people who call this region of Idaho home.

Many of you may have rafted down sections of the Salmon River at some point in your life, but the areas featured on this show were ones that could only be accessed by plane or boat. The cast, made up of mainly area ranchers, received needed supplies via jet boat or private aircraft, as travel on the river is far too dangerous for the untrained.

The scenes of the jet boat operators navigating their way through the most difficult sections of the Salmon River to deliver supplies such as engine parts, medicine and other necessities, were what got me hooked on the show. It turns out that some of these area boat companies provide the same very outings for adventure seekers who want to experience something that many Idahoans don't get the chance to.

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