JEROME, Idaho (KLIX) – Law enforcement agencies plan to increase high-visibility patrols to watch for impaired drivers this Fourth of July weekend in south-central Idaho.

The goal is to remind the driving public that there is zero tolerance for drunk driving, and to help ensure safety on Idaho roadways. Officers will be watching for impaired driving and arrests will be made for those who drive under the influence.

“Avoid driving any vehicle when 'buzzed,' drunk or under the influence of drugs,” Idaho State Police Lt. Robert Rausch said in a prepared statement. “Make this holiday memorable in a positive way, not by injuring or killing somebody else or yourself.”

The enhanced patrols will last through July 6.

Over the July 4 weekend in 2015, 25 crashes in Idaho were alcohol related, according to the Idaho State Police. Of those 25, 11 of them injuries and three people died.

ISP encourages drivers to plan ahead. According to the news release:

_Plan ahead and designate a sober driver before drinking and give them your keys.

_ If impaired, call a taxi, a sober friend or family member to get you home safely.

_If at a bar, check with the employees; many bars have programs to give patrons a free ride home.

_If a friend is about to drive impaired, take his or her keys and help make other transportation arrangements.

For those who notice careless driving habits, promptly report suspected drunk drivers you see on roadways. Call 911 or *ISP (*477).

For all motorists on the roadways, Rausch says: “Your best defense against drunk drivers is to always buckle up and pay attention to your surroundings and other drivers.”