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This is just a scare tactic.  Lefty warns that Fido will morph into Cujo if you keep driving an SUV or using your air conditioning.  The hemp clothing crowd believes the world will fry to a crisp by 2030, and as the air heats, the neighborhood dogs will become more and more ornery.  Before you know it, when you go to take them for a walk, they’ll be mauling you because they can’t stand the heat.

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There are some days you hear the sky is falling rhetoric so much that you have only one response:  Blow it out your backside!  Who died and left the kook-a-loos in charge of the planet?  If a majority of the world’s population ever took the greenies seriously (and that was never likely), it isn’t the case any longer.  The story about hot dogs is a sign the granola gobblers have jumped the shark.

You need to be dumber than a box of rocks to keep buying what the left is selling.  Liberals are the useful idiots for a global elite that would dispossess you while still swilling cabernet and munching caviar.  And if your dog gets out of hand, 1.5 billion Chinese are willing to take a bite out of the problem.

By the way, it’s already hot in the tropics.  Dogs wander the streets and the public rarely takes notice.  We’re talking Third World, where a few billion people covet our lifestyle.  They aren’t going to quietly stay in poverty to satisfy the spoiled environmentalists of the northern countries.

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