You can tell why a business is successful when you walk in the door.

It’s spotless!  I made a quick mental note about the Jerome McDonald’s when I walked in.  It shines and nothing is out-of-place.  We did our first live Top Story from the home of the Big Mac and I was just so totally impressed.  During the show, I watched a window washer at work.

We also had all three Jerome County Commissioners spend some time with us.  I told them I would embarrass them with photos we took in the children’s party room.  Jerome and Jerome County give an impression of a place on the move.  We’re surrounded by boom towns and even if the changes are uncomfortable, it means jobs and economic growth.

I’m a transplant here from the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay and after the show I met a Jerome schoolteacher (she likes the Shamrock hot chocolate at McDonald’s) and she’s also from the Eastern Shore.  Like me, she’s bowled over by what Idaho offers for the locals as well as the newcomers.  I’ve included some photographs of the Commissioners and our friend, Todd Eccles.  Todd and Commissioner Roger Morley told me during a break, “Everyone in Idaho has fired a gun!”  At least the natives have and the new arrivals enjoy living in the Land-of-Liberty.

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