The live music scene is pretty hopping around Twin Falls. There is always something going on and we are so here for it. If you are looking for fun places to find live music and a great environment, you have to check these places out.

Copper Alibi

Copper Alibi is a bar near Garibaldi's and they have some amazing live music options. Not only are there a ton of great acts playing on the weekends, but they have an awesome atmosphere. The bar is large so you can get drinks pretty easily, there are some incredibly comfortable lounge chairs, games, pool, darts, and so much fun! It really is a full experience to watch live music.

2nd South Market

This place is the place to be. The live music is amazing. If you haven't checked out "The Yard" you are missing out. The Yard has great lighting, an adorable stage, and a wonderful atmosphere. You can choose from a variety of different food options because they have so many choices. You can get a drink and relax, you can play corn hole. What more could you ask for?


Koto in Downtown is so fun! The food is spectacular, the people and the service is amazing and it actually has pretty good acoustics. I have been there when the Dualing Pianos were there and it sounded pretty amazing. I love checking out live music at Koto


Dunkens in Downtown Twin Falls is so fun! Again, a great place to grab a drink, get some amazing food and enjoy some live music. They have great performers going through there and it is a great way to spend a Friday night.

Downtown Twin Falls

Downtown Twin Falls in general is a great place to catch some music. There is the band shell in the Twin Falls City Park, they occasionally shut down Main Street for events and the live music is always on point, the restaurants all down Downtown have awesome performances. It is a great place to check out local music scenes.

If there are some awesome places that have live music let us know! We are always looking for more places to catch the local live scene.

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