Who drove the Zamboni down local streets?  I told friends Friday night I could’ve made it to the Townsquare Media Christmas Party a lot more quickly on skates

in some traditionally cold and snowy places life goes on

On Sunday afternoon you could get a clear picture of just how widespread was the deep freeze.  Football players across America were shivering on frozen fields.  Throughout autumn media was warning unseasonably warm temperatures were due to man made global warming.  Then they shut their mouths when the big freeze covers the country.  Years ago some clever spin doctor decided global warming should be changed to climate change.

In Baltimore, Maryland there are probably some people pining for warming after a horrific weekend accident brought on by nasty wintry weather.

Meanwhile, in some traditionally cold and snowy places life goes on.  The photograph on this page was taken by my sister.  She lives 58 miles from Buffalo as the crow flies.  The snow was so deep on the roof of her car this weekend she couldn’t reach high enough to sweep it away.  And it rained overnight into Saturday and considerably knocked down the snow depth.  If you look down the street there is a dark green house on the left.  It’s where we lived when I was a teenager.  One Christmas Eve afternoon we had green grass and then the snow started.  By morning the snow was above the hood of a Ford LTD in the driveway and our picnic table had vanished beneath the white carpet.  Nobody could make it for Christmas dinner and we shoveled all day.  I longed for global warming Christmas Day in 1978!

Girls dragging sleds. Courtesy, Bill Colley.
Girls dragging sleds. Courtesy, Bill Colley.

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