Aren’t you glad we’ve got liberals to tell us the difference between right and wrong?

When I was in college there was a popular comic strip called Bloom County.  Among the characters featured was a self-centered fellow named Steve Dallas.

The wallflowers, wimps and pantywaists from high school are finally extracting their revenge

In one weekday edition of the strip the characters are 25 years in the future and eating at a café.  Dallas lit a cigarette and a cop told him to put it out.  When the selfish character refused, he was vaporized.  I took it as a comment about political correctness.

Media types are now demanding a Republican running for office in Idaho walk the plank because he referenced shorthand for Muslims in a Facebook post.  The offense machine operated by liberals and fellow travelers in media kicked into overdrive.  This while at the same time they were perfectly fine with a racist being hired as a member of the New York Times editorial board.

Am I to believe Muslims who heard about the Facebook post collapsed like garden slugs who had just been sprinkled with salt?  Did Muslims roll on the ground in seizure and drool on the pavement?  Did they declare jihad and turn goats loose in our neighborhoods to ravage our lawns?  Oh, right, that was another story.

A few days ago the comedian and actor Tim Allen gave an interview where he defended his friend and comedian Roseanne Barr.  Allen had a question of his own.  Who gets to decide what we can and cannot say?

Why, liberals do.  The wallflowers from high school are finally extracting their revenge.

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