America's controversial condiment just became Japan's newest pizza topping...

Even the egg-based spread's more ardent supporters would acknowledge that there is something about the taste, color and texture of mayo that makes it dodgy companion for some foods.

Pizza is probably one of those foods. Yet in Japan (a nation often described as "mayonnaise obsessed") Domino's is rolling out a mayo-flavored pizza. It's actually a 'Mayo Potato Pizza,' as if just mayo pizza wasn't odd enough. Factor in the onion, corn, pancetta, and paprika to this franken-pie and you have a final product you'd have to taste to believe.

But would you dare? At $25 a pie, it's not exactly cheap. Then there's the cost of your ticket to Japan. If you want sample the glory of mayo pizza, at this point your best option is freaking out your dining companions by slobbing the stuff all over your regular Domino's order.

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