A terrorism conviction isn’t the same as an arson conviction. News Media can’t seem to get this straight in the Hammond Ranch story. Dwight Hammond and son Steve are going back to prison because they were convicted in federal court on terrorism charges. This because they burned 127 acres of land in order to make it more productive. Land they made productive after burning.

We aren't talking prime forest. Courtesy, Bill Colley

A few other points for the rocket scientists reporting the story. The Hammonds saying they don’t want the support of demonstrators or the Bundy family is because just such a statement can’t make the Hammond’s plight any better and could make it worse. Dwight Hammond thanking demonstrators and saying it’s not about him but about “America” is quite telling.

Two signs found in a county of 71-hundred people complaining about the Bundy presence is no indication a majority of Harney County is opposed the occupation of a couple of small buildings at a wildlife refuge. You want to actually see someone threatening government authority? Then take a look at this link from Mississippi. The guy in that state is actually an elected government politician. He’s the terrorist.

A group of hard-working and productive ranchers huddled in rural Oregon aren’t looting the CVS pharmacy or shooting cops or burning down a city because Stephanie Rawlings-Blake wants them to blow off some steam.

A quiet take-over. Courtesy, US Fish and Wildlife

As for some bureaucrat in Washington having more brains than someone in the west when it comes to managing western lands then look at this link from the Heritage Foundation. If the BLM and the budding Robespierre’s elsewhere in government are really concerned about degrading eco-systems then they would close the beaches from Assateague, Virginia north to Lewes, Delaware, however. They won’t because it’s where D.C. bureaucrats and budding Robespierre’s spend their vacations and weekends. Or when they really need time away they come here, to the west and ski, camp and abuse wait staff at local restaurants. Let me show you show you how it feels. Next time you’re here dining I’ll urinate on your table. You may get a warm feeling from the drizzle off the edge but trust me; you won’t like the odor and stains. I guess we can’t be any clearer. The federal land grab has gone on long enough. Oregon, Nevada and Idaho aren’t colonies. The states existed before Teddy Roosevelt decided he wanted his own private preserve for gunning down thousands of bison. The people who lived here at the time and live here now aren’t hostages or slaves to an elite. We’re citizens of the United States and empowered with God-given rights. No lawless bureaucrat or kangaroo communist 9th Circuit Court in San Francisco can take them away.