If voters in Virginia vote next week to ban internal combustion engines, then Idaho drivers are in trouble.  California and New York already plan to phase out traditional automobiles in favor of electric engines.  The three states I’ve mentioned have roughly 60 million known inhabitants (I’m not accounting for illegal immigrants).  California alone may have close to 100 million vehicles that are roadworthy, as many families own two or more.

While I don’t believe we’ll ever see the price and supply of electric cars match the demand, let’s for an academic argument look at the response of automobile manufacturers.  If states accounting for 250 million of 350 million people mandate electricity, then offering internal combustion engines (much less having the facilities in operation) as an alternative won’t be profitable.  Especially if you get subsidies building the alternative.

This means you won’t have a choice in driving if you live in places like Idaho.  We’ll be forced to follow suit.

A fellow named Mark P. Mills has written a very lengthy explanation for the Manhattan Institute (a conservative think tank) about why this is daft.  The green energy economy is a fantasy.  Unless we reverse course right now, there’s going to be worldwide hardship on a scale we’ve never seen before.

Liberals say I’m mean when I malign them as tree-huggers or just plain idiots.  If your plans will lead to the starvation of billions of people, then I’m not sending you any love letters.  And this will happen.  We have certainty.  They talk about what may happen.  It’s only a guess.  And I don’t plan to subsidize inhumanity on a grand scale.

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