Someone at the Twin Falls Animal Shelter must be a big fan of Spongebob Squarepants. They recently had two kittens show up, at different times, with deformities in their limbs. They decided to name these kitties Mr. Crabs and Patrick Star. You can see in videos posted on Facebook the issues these little fluff-balls have with their paws.

Patrick Star has a neurological disorder and the vet recommended that the paw be amputated. You can see him here before the vet visit:

Mr. Crabs has a paw deformity where his paw curls under. like a crab claw, and recently had his visit with the vet. You can see him in action in the video below:

Facebook won't let us show the pictures here since they are considered graphic after the kittens had surgery on their limbs, but you can see them on Facebook along with updates as they heal. Along with these two special kittens (who aren't yet ready for adoption), there are quite a few cats and dogs available for adoption at the Twin Falls Animal Shelter. You can see galleries of cats and dogs, constantly updated, from the Twin Falls Animal Shelter on Facebook.

This group of adoptable animals is interesting because there are a few with interesting coloration and different colored eyes.

Twin Falls Animal Shelter Adoptable Cats and Dogs February 2021

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