RUPERT, Idaho (KMVT,KSVT) Lauriano “Larry” Vega, Jr. was an athletic stand-out on the Minico Spartans football and basketball teams, as well as being named the 4A Great Basin Conference Football Player of the Year.

Now, he has found himself in trouble with the law.

On Thursday, April 5, Vega was arrested at Minico High School by the Rupert Police Department. He was charged with two counts of sexual abuse of a minor under the age of 16 years for allegedly grabbing one victim and propositioning sex to the same victim and another, court documents say. He was also placed under arrest for battery for alleged forcibly kissing and unwanted touching.

There are three victims listed on the affidavit, one is 18 years or older, the other two girls are 13 and 14 years old.

At the time of the arrest Vega was wearing a GPS ankle monitoring device related to a separate ongoing sexual abuse case in juvenile court.

Protection orders were recommended by the arresting officer between Vega and the three victims, as well as high bond “due to his willingness to continue his behavior while being adjudicated for similar offense in juvenile court, while under GPS monitoring.”

Vega’s preliminary hearing is scheduled for April 18.

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