I’ve been reading some of the Facebook chatter about Mitt Romney.  The former Presidential candidate is likely the next U.S. Senator from Utah.  One writer suggested Jason Chaffetz but the former Representative left Capitol Hill with no plans to return.  Evan McMullin?  Probably not.  Governor Herbert?  Not if Romney wants the job.

I recall hosting a talk show in 2008 and when I didn’t get behind Romney in the primary season I took some heat from Republicans.  Fred Thompson was my first choice.  Many conservatives at the time insisted Romney was a member of the tribe.  Funny, four years later, following Obamacare and Mitt’s role as grandfather of the idea, his image changed.

The conservative Washington Examiner isn’t a cheerleading squad for President Trump but the paper isn’t making common cause with Romney.  There were two pieces today raising the same point.  What does Mitt Romney really believe?


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