The figures for coronavirus deaths are getting even more questionable.  I came across a post from James Freeman.  He’s an editor at the Wall Street Journal.  He in turn was sharing a story from a Colorado TV station.  In one county there have been at least two gunshot deaths listed as COVID related.  Out of five deaths listed as COVID altogether.

A positive test for the disease, even when it’s not a cause of death, is still counted.  On Friday morning I saw a TV ticker and it listed in excess of 310,000 deaths in the United States attributed to the virus.  Stand back for a moment and ask where the true number lies.  Is it 250,000?  Could it be 150,000?  Could it be 50,000?  From what I’ve seen the past nine months, asking these questions can get you in a lot of trouble.

Job done for the liberals, media and deep state.

People will try and shout you down.  They’ll call you a denier when you haven’t denied anything.  Are some people intent on keeping what appears to be an inflated number?  For what cause?  They’ve pushed one President they don’t like off the stage.  Job done for the liberals, media and deep state.

It’s not just Colorado.  Neighboring Washington has numbers being questioned by the Freedom Foundation.  We’ve got one of those in Idaho.  Politicians work hard to silence the organization here.

Fox News had a guest on Laura Ingraham’s show.  He looked into the Washington figures.  He’s a Freedom Foundation analyst.  You can watch the discussion by clicking here.

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