Let's go Brandon!

All of us are soon going to be on the Venezuelan diet.  The national average for inflation is now just under eight percent.  The number is the official tally of the Consumer Price Index.  The CPI measurement system was changed a few years ago.  Under the old formula, inflation would be raging in the upper teens.  Energy costs are up nearly 30 percent.

Fuel Costs are Leading the Pack

Gasoline was up 38 percent year-over-year.  Fuel oil is almost 44 percent!  Used cars and trucks are up just over 41 percent.  Food at home was up 8.6 percent.  Food outside the home was up 6.8 percent.

I need to remind you that Idaho has been running above the national average for months.  Often a half-point percentage above the national average.

Housing Costs are Promoting Homelessness

Meanwhile, we’re being hard-pressed on housing costs for both renters and buyers.  Fuel costs for March are obliterating the highs we saw in February.  I know it grates on some people as I’m repetitive, but I voted for Trump!  You can make all the excuses for the opposing party, but we need to remember it’s happening on Joe Biden’s watch.  He can attempt to blame it on Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump, and/or Mickey Mouse.  It’s not going to fly with the public.  The news media can attempt to spin the bad news for Biden, but hungry, cold, and angry people eventually see the light.

The President’s apologists are reviving we’re all in this together.  It was their mantra two years ago when the elites worked from home and your business got shuttered.  Inflation is a tax on the poor.  The swells can ride it out.

I stress that if the current situation continues, for the first time in American history, we’ll be talking about domestic famine.

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