First, I’m not among those people who insist that “human scum” is invading the pristine home of wildlife.  A couple of weeks ago, I posted a story about a mountain lion prowling in Kimberly and Twin Falls.  Several commenters then denounced people for living in those communities.  Where the heck do we expect people should live?  Even New York City was once wilderness.  Species adapt and species are on the move.  If the lion attacks your kids, let’s see if you still virtue signal or would demand Idaho Fish and Game kill the predator.

I’ve visited almost every national park in the region.  Save for Yellowstone, which I’m told is overly crowded.  There are also people known as “tourons”, a combination of tourists and morons who do really stupid things in the presence of wildlife.  Occasionally, one gets killed and some commenters celebrate the cleansing of the gene pool.

Are the animals stressed?  You bet. Do we bar people from going to the parks?  The same people who believe we should all eat bugs and live in confined cinder block high-rises would approve.  I take the opposite view.  Actually seeing bison likely makes you more appreciative of the animals and preserving the species.

Getting back to stress, some animals are going to experience it and are going to react in anger.  One family was on the receiving end of bison rage.  Check out this link for more details.  The key is the animal and the family is still safe.  Viewing from inside the family car is a good buffer.

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