A new restaurant called Happy Teriyaki is coming to Twin Falls. Right now they have several locations in Boise and surrounding areas. According to a sign outside the building next to Fred Myer they will also be opening up soon in Twin Falls.

Happy Teriyaki appears to be opening where Chipotle used to be next to Mod Pizza. Granted that is a slightly rough parking lot to get in and out of, but I think there are going to be enough people to support it even if the left turn to get in sucks.

According to Happy Teriyaki's website they serve bowls, plates, appetizers and a lot more deliciousness. Browsing through their menu they are going to have chicken katsu which I don't think I can find anywhere at the moment. If I can please let me know where because I love chicken katsu.

They are also going to offer fried rice options and noodle bowl options. Oh, and bubble tea! I am starting to feel like I have completely missed out in the understanding of the bubble tea phase.

I am not sure when they are going to open just yet. We are doing some digging and trying to find out more information. I will update everyone as soon as I know more. So for now enjoy perusing the menu to see what you can look forward to at the new Twin Falls location on Blue Lakes.

And can I say wow the gyoza look so good.

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