BOISE, Idaho (KLIX) Idaho game officials say a small shrimp species was discovered in the Boise River recently, adding to the list of strange species found in the state. According to information released on Wednesday from the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, a non-native freshwater shrimp called a "grass" or "ghost" shrimp was discovered by department crews working on the Boise River near the Warm Springs Golf Course. The shrimp, which are native to the Mississippi River, where likely dumped into the river from an aquarium or private pond. Officials say this is not the first time they've found non-native species in the river; a suckermouth catfish, pacu, tilapia, Oriental weather fish, goldfish, koi, and others species have been caught in southern Idaho waters in years past. Fish and Game says dumping fish and other species in Idaho waters is illegal and can cause problems for native species. The shrimp are not expected to cause any problems.

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