GOODING, Idaho (KLIX) – North Valley Academy will close this Thursday and Friday so it can disinfect the school before allowing students and staff back into the building on Monday.

A number of students and teachers have been sick with the flu and other illnesses, making the principal concerned about the educational experience of the students.

“I don’t think kids learn their best if they’re not healthy,” said Principal Jeff Klamm. He said illnesses have been cycling through the school for several weeks, but “this week has been pretty pronounced.”

Klamm said there are currently a number of students and teachers who are sick this week, and he felt the best thing to do is close the school and disinfect it. The three buses the academy uses also will be disinfected.

The academy has 16 teachers and has reached its capacity using substitutes, he said.

“I want to give kids the best opportunity to learn,” Klamm said, noting the break will hopefully allow those who are ill to rest and be well enough to return to a newly cleansed school on Monday.

The flu has been making the rounds, hitting hard in several communities. Camas County Schools closed for two days last week, Feb. 1-2, so the building could be disinfected before allowing students and teachers back to class on Feb. 5.

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