During a recent movie night, I noticed something that I didn't recall the first time I watched a popular action movie starring Kevin Costner and Kurt Russell. The state of Idaho is mentioned multiple times throughout the film, as well as the city of Twin Falls.

Wednesday night, my wife and I were scrolling through PLEX trying to agree on a movie to watch. Both of us are fans of both Kevin Costner and Kurt Russell, so we decided to throw on "3000 Miles to Graceland." It was the first time I'd seen it in probably over 20 years.

The movie is about a group of robbers who also happen to be huge fans of Elvis Presley. They conspire to rob a Las Vegas Casino, and that's when everything gets crazy. While the film isn't one I would describe as incredible, it does have a great cast that also includes Thomas Haden Church, Kevin Pollak, Courteney Cox and Ice-T. The gun battles and explosions kept me entertained.

The city of Twin Falls is mentioned throughout the movie, and has the distinction of being the location where the robbers are intending to have the stolen money "cleaned," or laundered. One scene in the film also includes a mileage sign that shows the cities of Jackpot and Twin Falls. It's questionable as to whether or not the sign is real, or  Hollywood-made and planted, as this stretch of Highway 93 doesn't have homes such as the ones seen in the shot.

Kevin Costner has a standoff with a police officer in the scene, and proceeds to shoot the officer multiple times. The Twin Falls sign can be seen over Costner's shoulder, reading 44 miles.

Have any of you actually seen this stretch of roadway where this sign is located? Or, do you believe this to be a fake movie prop? 

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