I find it interesting when polls ask other states' residents what they think about Idaho. I didn't grow up here, I'm from Utah, and my childhood impressions of Idaho weren't as favorable as they are now. I thought Idaho was dirty, filled with potatoes, smelled like cows, and was the Arkansas of the west. Granted, I never came to Idaho until I was in my 20s, so my young-self opinion was based on the stories and opinions of others.

How Do Other States Describe Idaho

In a new graphic from Instagram user mattsurelee (Matt Shirley), he asked his followers to use one word to describe other state's residents. He often uses his mass followers to gather information and then make makes with the results. We've seen him take on over-rated attractions in each state, why we hate Californians, and even what Google thinks about us here in the spud state.

In the latest map, we see that the rest of the United States thinks 'Conservative' is the single best word to describe the people of Idaho. I guess 'super-awesome-gun-toting-American-with-a-heart-of-gold' doesn't count as one word.

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They're not wrong though and I'm surprised that the results are much nicer than I would have expected from internet commentators. That is unless you look at the results for the east coast. Most of them had some pretty brutal one-word results and I'm not sure what a 'Masshole' is in Massachusetts, but I have a pretty good guess that it isn't nice.

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