Why do people keep cooking their dogs?  A few years ago I was at a grocery store and a dog was whining inside a hot car.  I saw an attendant gathering carts and told him I was concerned.  “The windows are cracked,” he replied.  Then he walked away.  Seriously, when you get to the store on a sunny day, crack your windows and then stay in your seat without any air conditioning.

How long before it becomes uncomfortable?  A couple of minutes at best.  You also sweat.  Your dog can’t. 

Dude, admit it.  You’re a total ass and a jerk and you torture animals.

A few months ago, some yokel threatened me after he told me he was only in the store for ten minutes.  He got angry when I showed him the clock on my telephone and told him he had been gone much longer.  Dude, admit it.  You’re a total ass and a jerk and you torture animals.

Just remember, Jeffrey Dahmer began his career torturing neighborhood dogs and cats.

I like what the fellow in the above picture did.  Early one morning at Winco.  The dogs were also very well behaved and waited calmly for his return.  A few feet away there was a small dog roasting in a station wagon.  Is that another use for a tire iron?

I don’t know how we stop this epidemic.  A proposed bill failed in the legislature and in reality, you can’t fix stupid.  Or at least stupid appears like a noxious weed and is all but impossible to clear away.  It comes back generation after generation.  Here’s the thing; normal people don’t stick their dogs into ovens.

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