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The granola gobbling, hemp clothing wearing, tree hugging left has 45 days to respond.  Then their arguments get tossed in the circular file.  It’s what we all really expected.  Just last week the liberal Governor of Oregon backed her fellow traveling counterpart in Washington State.  They demand the four Lower Snake River Dams be removed.

The liberals claim it’s needed to save salmon.

Entire cities would become ghost towns.

It would also devastate the economies of at least four states, especially Idaho.  The cost of electricity would soar.  Water needed for agriculture would be lost.  Entire cities would become ghost towns.

Scott Bedke, Speaker of the Idaho House of Representatives told me in late February the Democrats in Oregon and Washington State are doing nothing more than virtue signaling.  They know the dams will remain and their constituents can still get the benefits.  The two Governors can also preen as environmentalists.  What they’re doing isn’t about political courage.  It’s called opportunism.

Do you know what you call a cold, wet and hungry liberal?  A conservative.  If people ever got a serious taste of what their plans for Mother Earth would cost, there wouldn’t be a Democrat Party.  Unless they hate their own kind more than they love fish.

The dams generate enough electricity to power Seattle plus another seven Seattle sized cities.

The federal government released its position on the morning of February 28th.  The comment period is open until the middle of April.  The handful of Republicans serving in Oregon and Washington State (and there are few) have been reminding voters it’s a very stark choice.  You can live in darkness or light, although.  There is an option.  It’s called nuclear.

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