Portland, Oregon is removing male and female pronouns from its city charter.  The city council believes gender designations hurt the feelings of a small minority of city residents.  On some college campuses, professors are being brought up on charges.  Students who want to be referred to by something other than the gender of their births have convinced administrators the professors are cruel and almost criminal by staying with tradition.

They want anyone who worked for Trump barred from campus.

At Harvard, a group of students are petitioning the university.  They claim Donald Trump is a threat to our government and way of life.  They want anyone who worked for Trump barred from campus.  No employment offers, no speaking engagements and no visits.  The students don’t see the irony.

A basketball announcer lost his job for saying all lives matter.  He’s being replaced by a fellow who is on record despising cops.  It speaks volumes about basketball’s audience, in and out of jail.

In Georgia, a Democrat involved in a run-off for U.S. Senate appears to believe white people and the military are satanic.  If elected will he represent all the people?  “You’re supposed to represent all the people” is what liberals say when a Republican makes a decision the left doesn’t like.  As if there’s unanimity on issues.  If you didn’t vote for the Republican and don’t plan to vote for the Republican, then what do you expect of him (or shim or it or biological unit)?

Liberals demand we keep our hands off their bodies and shout a euphemism called “reproductive health”.  Then they demand you put a mask on your body.

And remember, nothing is free.  Someone pays for every program and all the debt.  Or they will pay for the debt.  And it won’t be pretty when the bill comes due.

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