A modern American civil war?  Possibly I’m naïve but for the time being the trouble in big city streets is just a TV show.  If you don’t watch much news and you stay away from the 24-hour cycle, you’re much more concerned about irrigation, will there be school this fall and can I get some sun this weekend.

I don’t quite have the luxury of escaping.   Being a social and media critic is part of my work.  So, I’m exposed to some facts (isn’t it sad I can’t say only the facts) and a lot of raw emotion.  Which is driving the anger in some cities.  And there are times my emotions are stoked just as much.  When I see a flag burning or someone throwing incendiaries at cops, I do a slow burn of my own.

the road to war among the right and left still sounds more like fiction than our future

Yet, the road to war among the right and left still sounds more like fiction than our future.

I came across this link today.  The writer is based in Montana and from the sounds of things, prepared for the worst.  He outlines how a civil war could be avoided and how one could begin.  The guy references what cultural scholars are calling “the Big Sort”, if not directly then he still gets the picture.  Conservatives and liberals increasingly want to live among their own kind.  The recession a dozen years ago slowed it somewhat and the pandemic could do the same, however.

The President of the Mini-Cassia Chamber of Commerce shares her office is getting calls from Washington State and California.  From business people looking for a better tax and regulatory environment.  And for some, they long for the lifestyle of the Intermountain and Mountain West.

Much of the future hinges on Election Day.  A liberal sweep means the long arm of the federal government will try and control the smallest details of your life in flyover country.  You’ve been warned.

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