The culture wars, thought finished since the highest court in the land approved same-sex marriage, are back.  In many states there are efforts to protect preachers, bakers and photographers from participating in weddings of which they don’t approve.  Elsewhere there are concerns laws allowing transgendered men to use women’s bathrooms could also allow rapists and child molesters inside under cover of the law.  It may not be well known because most big media is ignoring the proposal but one Idaho Congressman is looking to establish religious liberty protections across the country and at the federal level.  Representative Raul Labrador now has more than 160 co-sponsors in the House-of-Representatives.

When it comes to shared bathrooms liberals may be learning the meaning of “a bridge too far”.  Judging by reactions I’m getting from callers there is a fury brewing over men in the women’s privy.  You can hear some of the discussion below:

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