Winter in Yellowstone National Park can be beautiful and it can be incredibly dangerous. Possibly even more dangerous than during the summer months. During the winter you still have to prepare for wildlife encounters and the dangers of geysers and hot pots, but you also have the additional danger of the weather.

Prepare Like A Park Ranger For Yellowstone Visits

Due to the added dangers of Yellowstone during the winter months, there is an elevated concern for tourists planning their visit before spring. To help these tourists come prepared for an enjoyable and safe visit to Yellowstone in the winter, the park service has created a hashtag on social media and an article filled with useful information.

Tips For Your Winter Trip To Yellowstone National Park

On the National Park Service website they list ten tips to make your visit to Yellowstone the best it can be. Among the ten tips they suggest:

  • Be aware of which roads are closed and which are open. Travel is restricted during winter.
  • Plan your guided tour. If you want to see Old Faithful, you'll have to get a permit or book a guided tour.
  • Expect limited service on your electronic devices.
  • You will have to wear a mask in crowded areas and on guided tours. That's not something many of us think about in Idaho since masks aren't required in most places, so be aware that you may have to wear one.
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Regular tips for summer travel also apply to your winter adventure. You can see the whole list on the National Park Service website.

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