TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX) – Gobble, if you’re happy – Idaho’s general spring turkey season is here. Through May 25, licensed hunters may go afield for wild turkeys in parts of the Gem State.

You can take two birds, but only if you have two tags. The daily bag limit is one bird. For further rules and regulations, and where the general season is open, visit this page of the Idaho Department of Fish and Game. According to the department, you'll have to head north or east – south-central Idaho is closed to the general season.

Wild turkeys aren’t the easiest game to hunt, and so bagging even a single bird brings excitement to the hunter. The anticipation, however, should never outweigh safety.

“While hunting is statistically very safe, there are specific concerns for turkey hunting safety,” reads a news release by the Idaho Department of Fish and Game. “This is due to the use of complete camouflage while the hunter is concealed and making the calls of wild turkeys.”

Because of “particularly cautious hunters," however, "Idaho has experienced very few turkey hunting accidents.”

Hunters – that means you if you go after the gobblers – should use extreme caution when going afield and deploying hunting tactics, such as when using decoys.

“While decoys can be very effective, they can also trick another hunter into thinking your decoy is a real turkey,” according to Fish and Game.

When trying to bag your bird, remember these safety tips:

  • Red, white and blue are great American colors, but they’re colors you don’t want to wear when hunting wild turkeys. These are the same colors on the head of the game bird, and you don’t want another hunter to identify you as a gobbler.
  • Keep your decoys covered in orange when moving them to a new location. If uncovered, another hunter may see the movement and mistakenly think it’s a real turkey on the move.
  • It’s fun to call turkeys, but it’s not something you should do when you walk. Again, other hunters may think you’re the real thing and take aim.

For additional safety tips and hunting tactics, visit Fish and Game or the National Wild Turkey Federation.

Be safe, and enjoy the hunt.