UPDATE: Students in Shoshone are safe after a scare Wednesday morning.

During recess around 10 a.m. kids thought they saw something suspicious in the bushes.

They told the teacher who told the principal who told the school resource officer. He passed on word to police, who looked around to see if there was anything going on, but they said they couldn't find anything.

The Shoshone School District superintendent Robert Waite said the school went into a "soft lockdown," which is where administration hangs out at the doors to monitor who is going in and out of the school.

He said he's happy it didn't turn into anything serious.

“Obviously we're very happy that there wasn't trouble lurking, and so it turned out to be good, and it wasn't that much of a disruption during the day,” he said. “Any time you go into even a soft lockdown people are concerned, which we totally understand, but it turned out to be nothing, so that's always good news."

He said he's glad the students said something to an adult, even though it didn’t seem to be anything after the investigation.

He encourages students to still say something if they see something.

Original story

SHOSHONE, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) – Shoshone Schools was on lockdown Wednesday after a report of a suspicious individual near campus.

School officials told us a couple of students noticed the suspicious individual and notified the student resource officer, which led to the lockdown.

Lincoln County Sheriff Rene Rodriguez said the report was made at around 10 a.m. and the school was on lockdown for 45-60 minutes.

Law enforcement spoke with school officials and did a thorough check of the campus when they arrived. When they didn't find anything, they lifted the lockdown.

The Lincoln County Sheriff's, police department and Idaho State Police assisted with the call.

More information will be made available when released.

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