Toy Museum

I’m not quite sure what my favorite Christmas toy was.  My parents weren’t lavish gift givers but we never felt shortchanged.  Electronic toys of the time simply meant batteries were needed.  My sister had a doll that could talk and walk.  It didn’t do either one very well.  My brother and I had walking robots (actually tiny wheels in the shoes propelled them).

It gave off an ear piercing noise and moved along the floor like a Roomba.

There were also teddy bears and other toy animals.

One year I got a lunar module.  It gave off an ear piercing noise and moved along the floor like a Roomba.  After it banged into a few tables and walls, the landing legs fell off.

I vaguely recall a rocking horse.  I think it was shared. Eventually the springs failed.  The wooden horses were far more rugged.

A few months ago I visited a toy museum in Deer Lodge, Montana.  Some of the toys were from long before my era.  Others I remember from childhood and some came along after I outgrew toys.  A walk through the exhibits did make me think about family more than gifts.  Or even neighbors.  The toys trigger thoughts of seeing what your friends got on Christmas morning.

I did look around for the gift that was the shortest bit of joy I ever had.  Couldn’t find it at the museum.  Someone gave me an inflatable Fred Flintstone doll.  You punched Fred in the nose and he tipped over and then bounced back up.  My cousin, John Kinnicutt, smacked Fred so danged hard the caveman never got back up.  Fred split open and no amount of glue ever made him whole again.  He didn’t even make it through Christmas Day!

The museum is a roughly 5 hour drive from Twin Falls.  There is a very nice hotel in town and with great rates!

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