More than half of the Sheriff Departments in Washington State are now refusing to enforce new gun restrictions.  There are 39 counties in the state.  The number is now 20 counties where the law won’t be rigidly enforced. 

The backlash appears to have caught liberals off guard.

Meanwhile, the movement to nullify draconian gun laws is spreading to New Mexico.  An overwhelming 29 of 33 Sheriffs have no intention of enforcing the new proposals.

The backlash appears to have caught liberals off guard. In Washington, the state is also facing several lawsuits filed on behalf of lawful gun owners and backers of the Second Amendment.  It would appear a handful of successes for the left on bestiality and infanticide have given liberals delusions of grandeur.

Some of the Sheriffs saying “No!” are waiting on court decisions, which could overturn the new gun laws.  Last week, Ted Nugent, a board member with the National Rifle Association, joined us on Newsradio 1310 KLIX.  He said in some states the Second Amendment no longer exists.  The push back from the constitutional vantage point could be gaining strength.

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