If you had plans to watch the upcoming total solar eclipse with a rattlesnake, you might want to re-think that.

I know it might be tempting, but Monday, August 21 would be a good time to give your rattlesnake friend some space. The word is that rattlesnakes will not like the eclipse. You think I'm making this up? This shocking report says that hospitals are stocking up on rattlesnake antidote.

I forgot to mention that this report comes from The Oregonian. Yes, thanks again, Oregon. You just keep being you.

If you think about it, hospitals getting some extra rattlesnake fixing stuff is a good idea. Considering the fact that Idaho is likely to have 20 bazillion more people than usual on Monday, August 21, the chance of rattlesnake bites is definitely higher. The following factors are likely to come into play:

  • People from out-of-state will be here
  • To avoid crowds, people are likely to seek desert areas to watch eclipse
  • Rattlesnakes like desert areas
  • Rattlesnakes don't generally like people
  • People are dumb and think rattling is a sign of affection

So, please leave the rattlesnakes alone during the total solar eclipse. You can go back to petting them again on Tuesday, August 22 - if you're from Oregon.

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