SHOSHONE, Idaho (KLIX) – The Shoshone Police Department is investigating a possible threat to students at the Shoshone School Complex. Police say the alleged threat came from a clown.

The threat has not been validated, Police Chief Rene Rodriguez told News Radio 1310, but officers have been posted in and around the school.

The police department has received several calls from people over the past few days saying they’ve seen clown threats on social media, Rodriguez said. Law enforcement in Gooding, Jerome and Twin Falls also have had reports of alleged clown threats.

Earlier in the day Rodriguez spoke with a friend in Texas whose daughter’s school was locked down because of a clown threat.

“It’s a nationwide scare tactic is what it feels like,” he said.

The police department always has officers at the schools, Rodriguez said, but additional officers will be posted for the next several days.

If you encounter a clown, the police department says to ignore it unless you feel threatened and to block it from your social media site. If you do feel threatened, contact the police department at 886-2030.