I guess Weedology would close.  Idaho laws would suddenly apply in places where marijuana has been legal.  This would be part of the latest effort by conservatives to break away from the liberal control of Portland, Salem and Eugene.  For now, it’s the usual academic exercise, however.  As America continues sifting into disparate political camps, it’s an issue that may be getting closer to reality.

The right-leaning counties technically wouldn’t secede.  Or at least it’s the argument.  The organizers also believe the area of Northern California known as the “State of Jefferson” could someday be part of a Greater Idaho. 

Many of these counties also aren’t very wealthy.  There are pockets of poverty.

The hurdles to drawing the new map are steep.  States involved and the United States Congress would need to all agree.  Would Idaho want the new territory?

It would likely make the state even more conservative.  Idaho would get a port on the Pacific Ocean (just in case removal of some dams in Washington State ruin the Port of Lewiston).

The actual population increase would be small.  Some of the counties are tiny in people numbers.  Similar to Owyhee County.  Many of these counties also aren’t very wealthy.  There are pockets of poverty.  Maybe it could be turned around with greater pursuit of mineral resources but even the federal government and its Environmental Protection Agency could get in the way of extraction.

The chances of any annexation I would say are slim and none.  For now.  An economic crisis could change attitudes and fast.  Political differences could bring about a new map perhaps in another generation.

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