Abortion up to nine months is legal, declawing cats could soon be against the law.  New York State moving forward with a bill to stop the practice of declawing.  Many people believe it’s mutilation of an animal.  A friend once had her two cats declawed in hopes of protecting her furniture.  She also realized they were at a disadvantage if they were allowed outside.

They’ve become permanent house cats. 

Claws are attached to cats’ bones.

The Governor of New York isn’t sure he’ll sign the bill into law.  It would assess a $1,000 fine for any veterinarian performing the practice.  Many vets already refuse to declaw cats.  Claws are attached to cats’ bones.

The bill would allow the practice in some selected cases if needed to protect an animal’s life.

Keep in mind a baby in the womb is attached to a mother by an umbilical cord.  Legislators appear to care much more for cats than developing human beings.

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