Every state has their own weird set of laws that have been on the books for so long that they have become strange or no longer have relevance. These Idaho laws may be strange, but you still have to follow them.

  • In Pocatello, it is illegal to frown in public. Could you imagine how bad your cheeks are going to cramp the next time you walk around downtown Pocatello?
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  • If you are going fishing in Boise, sorry, you have to leave your beaver at home. It is against the law to fish with a beaver.
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  • You know that dog kennel in the back yard that looks super cozy and comfy? Don't you even think about kicking your dog out and moving in yourself. It is illegal to live in a dog kennel unless you're a dog. Although, who knows where the line is drawn if you "identify" as a dog.
  • Sunday's are for church and dinner, don't you even think about going to the park and riding a merry-go-round. Blasphemy.
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  • Back to fishing, we know we all like to fish, but you are going to have to settle for shore or boat fishing. It is illegal to fish on the back of an elephant. I know, disappointing.
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  • Idaho can arrest a snake if it bites you on Sunday. Again, Sunday is for dinner and church, not snake bites. That is just rude.
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  • It is illegal for a man to give a box of chocolates weighing less that 50 pounds. That is a lot of chocolate
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  • Non-married couples who engage in sex can be jailed for up to 6 months. That is a shame for all those unmarried couples.

Have you heard of any other strange Idaho laws that might still be on the books? I do wonder why they are even still a thing. Maybe it is too hard to get rid of them, it's best to just ignore them.

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