As I was browsing Reddit this weekend, someone suggested that we should adopt Pacific Time instead of maintaining our current Mountain Time.  First, I thought the idea was ridiculous, but the more I thought about it, the more it seemed to make sense. 

Idaho is the Western most state in the Mountain Time Zone located directly above Nevada.  The northern part of the state is already part of the Pacific Time Zone.  I understand that the southeastern part of the state would then become the Western-most state in the Pacific Time Zone, but don’t we identify with the Pacific Time Zone more than the Mountain Time Zone?  We seem to want to be identified as the Pacific Northwest more than the Mountain West.   

I didn’t want to bring this up, but it would also be easier for the people that are moving here from California to communicate back to their broke friends and families.  I hear about people vacationing in Seattle, Portland and parts of California more than I hear about vacations in Utah and with the city’s growth, wouldn’t it be better from a financial perspective for businesses to be aligned with a bigger Los Angeles trade zone than a smaller Denver-based zone?   

If we become Greater Idaho and pick up those 19 Oregon counties, we would have ocean front property inside our borders, and it would make even more sense.  It would also unify the entire state and who doesn’t want unity? 

Finally, as mentioned on Reddit, it would be better for our health to move to the Pacific Time Zone because we would probably get more sleep.  You can read that study HERE.    

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