This morning, I saw a comment on social media asking where all of Hillary Clinton’s defenders are. It appears many of them have gone silent after seeing yesterday’s video of the former Secretary-of-State being poured into a campaign van. In one respect, it may be her John Edwards moment. You may recall media refused to cover and even consider the long ago Presidential candidate was having an affair while his wife battled cancer. A supermarket tabloid finally got the goods on Edwards fathering a baby with his mistress. Then, mainstream media had no choice but to follow the story.

The “There’s nothing to see here” mentality could also be applied to the Kermit Gosnell case. The big coastal newspapers refused to cover Gosnell’s abortion clinic where living babies were being murdered because it was a “local” story. It was like a team of horses had to drag the New York Times to the courthouse.

For months, we’ve heard Mrs. Clinton’s health is just fine and only deplorable Trump backers would say otherwise. Then, Clinton is caught on camera looking knee-walking drunk and her campaign appendages and sycophants in media have few options but to acknowledge the old gal has a problem. John McCain or Dick Cheney? We were told they were on death’s door and liberals took bets on when they would expire. Liberals were overjoyed when Phyllis Schlafly died and a decade ago made movies about assassinating President George W. Bush. Well, karma suggests the devil may be calling Hillary Clinton’s note. Our discussion from today’s edition of Top Story is below.

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