With the fascinating religious shift in Twin Falls taking place in recent years, faith seems to be something on people’s minds.

In this fourth of our God debate series, Matt Dillahunty debates John Ferrer.

Matt Dillahunty (from wikipedia):

Matt Dillahunty is an American public speaker and internet personality, and was the president of the Atheist Community of Austin from 2006 to 2013. He has hosted the Austin-based webcast and cable-access television show The Atheist Experience since c. 2005, and formerly hosted the live internet radio show Non-Prophets Radio. He is also the founder and contributor of the counter-apologetics encyclopedia Iron Chariots and its subsidiary sites.

John Ferrer (from intelligentchristianfaith.com):

I’m a teacher at heart, hailing from a blue-collar family in the Southeast U.S. I gained a strong work ethic and Christian values from good God-fearing parents (Thanks Mom and Dad!). The youngest of three, I’m the baby of the family. I grew up wanting to be big enough, smart enough, and mature enough to be an equal with them. I never quite gave that up. I just shifted my ambitions from family rivalries to academics. I’ve always been too big for my britches, or, you might say, I put more on my plate than I can eat, forever attempting things bigger than I can handle. In that vein I earned a PhD in Philosophy of Religion and masters degrees in apologetics and philosophy. I’ve done several debates, have several more scheduled. I’ve published. I’ve lectured. And so on.

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