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It’s a good thing there are big eastern newspapers ready to come to our rescue.  The New York Times apparently sent a reporter to Sandpoint and Lord knows where else in Idaho.  You can read more by clicking this link.  As we all know, getting on a plane from New York and flying to Idaho is fine if you’re with big media from the Big Apple.  After all, what could you possibly transmit?

It seems, as usual, some Idahoans are preaching insurrection.  They keep talking about that pesky Constitution.  The one where the founders codified God given rights and put limits on government coercion.

Shutdowns are the political equivalent of a run on toilet paper.

Look, I don’t want coronavirus.  I don’t want sciatica, diabetes and myopathy.  Two of which I already have and don’t expect will be leaving anytime soon.  I’m among a select group who now believe we suffered from something in late December, which mimics the afflictions of COVID-19.  I’m also among a small group of Americans who don’t buy everything government or other large institutions are selling.

We’ve witnessed too many feet of clay over my lifetime.

Do I believe there’s some sinister plot unfolding?  Nope.  We’re seeing the same panic among the people in government as we see on the streets.  Shutdowns are the political equivalent of a run on toilet paper.  And as this thing drags on, popular support is going to wane.

Two friends, who are both professional women and not conspiracy theorists, are sharing they fear the worst.  One mouthed “Agenda 21” last week.  I didn’t even know she followed anything political.  The other wrote me today with some thoughts:

My biggest concern is where all of this money is coming from. What happens when (using the mafia vernacular) China calls in the mark? 


I am envisioning stinkin' Obama laying back in his chair, smoking his cigarette, checking off his list as the country swirls the drain like dirty dishwater. They had many pieces in ‘play’ not just in the country but throughout the world. Bless Trump for his efforts (all the poor man has done is clean up Obama’s mess)... I have to hand it to him, a lesser man than Donald Trump would have caved under the pressure. 


The question remains “what is happening while our attention is being overwhelmed by the distraction of a minor viral out break?”


Here is the definition of a Coup…I am very fearful that this is the end of our republic as we know it.

 She then attached a dictionary definition.

This isn’t going to end well, no matter our intentions.

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