I was looking out my office window and I spotted her.  One of our barn cats was prowling in the pasture behind our studios.  It’s her happy hunting ground.  She’s the longest surviving member of a litter of four born here more than 5 years ago.  She often greets me mornings and she gets treats and some canned food.  A second fellow, we call him Oscar, lives somewhere in the immediate area.  He’s generally friendly but like his Sesame Street namesake, he sometimes has an attitude.   She spends a good part of her days sleeping among the shrubs by the employee door.  Oscar always knows when it’s mealtime.  Otherwise, I know very little about how they spend most days and nights.

I know very little about how they spend most days and nights.

When I get home from work, a very clingy cat greets me.  He gets some lunch and then wants to spend the rest of the day on my lap.  Regardless of what else I’m doing.  He gets especially excited when I get a visitor, repairman, or delivery at the door.  He wants to climb all over everyone.

While looking for something entirely unrelated, I came across this link.  It explains what your cats do when you’re away.  I’ve also seen some videos where people have set up cameras and filmed cats while away.  Much like your dog, your cat misses you.

A video released a few years ago shows a sad cat watching a dead master.  The owner had passed away but some friends played some old video of him on a smartphone.  It was obvious the cat was grieving the loss.

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