Only In Your State cost me several hours of my day today. It's their fault that they alerted me to a place in Boise that is all about the bacon. They now have my full attention.

It all started when I saw their headline "There's a Bacon-Themed Restaurant in Idaho and It's Everything You've Dreamed Of". The thought of a bacon place has started an Indiana Jones-like pursuit of what and where this place is.

The place Only In Your State is talking about is Berryhill Restaurant and Bar in downtown Boise. I found their website and learned they have FIVE kinds of bacon. Excuse me while I mop my drool off the floor.

I don't drink alcohol (if you think I'm bad sober, you don't want me liquored up), but they have BACON SHOTS. According to their menu, that's a bacon sampler thing.

The one item I spotted that truly has my taste buds dreaming is bacon lasagna. To me, that's like that special moment when peanut butter and chocolate found each other and became peanut butter cups.

Even better, it seems like John Berryhill might just be a very funny and probably twisted individual. Behold.

That seals the deal. Boise bacon road trip is now on my calendar. Thanks a lot, Only In Your State.

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