I’m willing to travel for a good dining experience.  I’ve frequently made trips as far away as Notus and Snowville to eat at some of my favorite diners.  The next trip could require an overnight stay.  It's a six-hour drive from Twin Falls.  It's in Logan, Montana, just outside of Manhattan.  Only in Your State recommends the Land of Magic Steakhouse.

Good Food and Good Sightseeing

The place looks delightful, as does all of nearby Manhattan.  I went and looked at some high-end real estate around town and thought I was gazing at an episode of Yellowstone.  The way I see it, I could leave home at 6:00 o’clock on a Saturday morning and reach Manhattan by noon.  I could wander downtown until 4:00 o’clock when the restaurant opens.  Then after dinner, spend a quiet night in a local hotel.

The next day could be devoted to some leisurely sightseeing on the drive back home.

I Need to See More of the World

I used to make these trips nearly every weekend before COVID.  There’s still a place in Brigham City I’ve had on my list for over two years.  Because of higher fuel costs, I’m not likely to be on the road nearly as much, however.  I can still see one road trip per month.  Especially when the payoff is a world-class meal and seeing what real America looks like.  Most people never get beyond a few big cities for vacations.  For me, the land in between the cities and off the ribbons of highways…

Well, I’ll never see it all but want to see as much as I can.

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