Fireworks are awesome! For some reason we love it when stuff explodes in pretty colors and even better when it is set to music. Independence day is about 4 months away now and there will no doubt be a great amount of fireworks. But I guarantee none of them will be as cool as the ones I just found in a Youtube video from Australia.

This video is great because it incorporates fireworks with another of our favorite aerial joys: planes doing stunts! I don't know how long the airplane fireworks show actually is, since there is an edit in the middle of the video, but even at just under 3 minutes it was incredible. I'm sure there were moments in the show where the pilot couldn't see because the flames were so bright.

Oh, and in case you missed it in the video there are also lasers in the show. I'm sold and I want to see this in Twin Falls now. Actually, I can be patient and I'd love to see this show at the next Christmas in the Nighttime Sky. That would be an awesome kickoff to the Christmas season.

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